Monday, May 22, 2017

Mac data recovery software

How Your Data Get Deleted in Mac
It is a wrong perception that you cannot recover a deleted file on a Mac. Or when you delete a file or folder by using “Shift + Delete”, it is considered permanently deleted as you can neither find it in the Trash, nor somewhere in computer. But the fact is that the file still exists on your hard disk. And you can recover deleted files osx, even though they are deleted from the Trash.

A good way to delete a file is to use Apple’s Disk Utility to erase a drive.  By default, Disk Utility does a quick erase, which just deletes the disk directory and replaces it with a new empty copy. The underlying file structure on the volume is not changed, and all erased data remain in their place until they get overwritten. Under this circumstance, you are suggested to restore deleted data by resorting to a piece of free mac recovery software

Here is a good recommendation – Mac Data Recovery, which is said to be the most effective data recovery software that can retrieve files deleted and emptied from the Trash. You can choose to buy or download this helpful tool online. If you want to try it first before purchasing, you can download a free version and see if it will work for you.

deleted data recovery
This is the main interface of Mac Data Recovery. Choose “Undelete Recovery” module to initiate. Then, tick the desired files from the scan results after scanning the partition, from which you deleted some crucial files. Finally, save the selected files to another partition to end the work of free data recovery

We hope above two means can help you recover deleted files osx successfully. Users can download the free edition from CNET and try it to see its powerful recovery ability. When the size of data needing to be recovered exceeds 1GB, purchasing an advanced edition is suggested.

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